Need Directions?

The church is not a building, but that’s not to say that a gathering place isn’t important. Because the church is a gathering together of people who are looking to Jesus in faith and turning from their sins to follow Him. The church is a collective of former rebels who have been reconciled to God and to one another by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is not a museum for perfect saints; it’s a hospital for broken sinners.

If you need directions to where we meet, you can find them by scrolling down this page, or you can click the button below to get personalized directions from Google Maps.

Traveling from Troy

Henderson Hwy (County Rd 2290)

  1. Turn southward off of US Hwy 231 onto the Henderson Hwy (County Rd 2290).
  2. Travel (approximately 11 miles) on the Henderson Hwy until it dead ends at Donna’s Grocery.
  3. Turn right.
  4. Our church building is just around the curve on the right.

AL Hwy 87 / County Rd 2262

  1. Turn southward off of US Hwy 231 onto AL Hwy 87 toward Elba/Enterprise.
  2. Travel approximately 6.8 miles south on AL Hwy 87.
  3. Turn right onto County Road 2262 (just past Dollar General).
  4. Travel approximately 7.7 miles west on County Road 2262.
  5. Our church building will be on your right.

Traveling from Goshen

County Rd 2246

  1. Travel southward on County Road 2246 until it dead ends into County Road 2290.
  2. Turn right.
  3. Our church building is on the right.